My Favourite Window

May 15, 2011


"You really ought to introduce Mowbray to them," muses Lady Mondegreen. 

"What do you mean?" I say, puzzled.

"Well, you are always showing aspects of it...
the veranda posts,
the French windows,
the wallpaper,
the front door...
but you have never distinguished it definitively from the Skudder House.

"Oh," I say, "Haven't I. Maybe I want to keep it's identity as secret as the Garden."

Lady Mondegreen snorts in spite of her gentilesse. "You have your house delivered on the back of a truck, position it grandly underneath the flight circuit of the local aero-club and expect to keep it secret?" 

"And now of course, all the neighbours are admiring the new paint work." 

"Thankyou Lady Mondegreen for introducing Mowbray; now I will have to find time to elaborate. Maybe when the painting and decorating is finished..."

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