My Favourite Window

July 23, 2012

Street Hawker

I've always liked the hawking side of selling things...

second-hand clothing when I was a student, plants I'd grown as a gardener, fairground chances, or theatre programmes on Front of House duty. 

I thrive on the social interaction, the vibe of fairground or market place, swap meet or garage sale - and yes, the weight of coin in my apron pocket is rewarding, even though it might be destined for another's bank account.

But. I don't enjoy making money for its own sake. I have always had the security of a real job or my husband's income behind me. 

I have always had enough to live comfortably with: 

clean running water, safe sanitation and four walls, enough food to nourish me and enough clothing to warm me. 

My riches are my children and friendships and simple day to day interactions with people around me;

the blush of Dawn and the ravish of Sunset, the promise of spring blossom and the bounty of summer fruit. 

Without becoming a hermit and withdrawing from modern society I need to pay cold hard cash for things - like ratesandpowerandphoneandinsuranceandseptictankinspectionsandyouknowwhatImean. 
I do not want to be anchored by the Widows' Benefit for much longer. I am grateful for it while the children are still at school. It is a present security.
Two years ago today I made a resolution for the future. 
Two years ago today Elwin and I celebrated the purchase of this land, though he didn't relish working to pay off a mortgage for another 20 years. I decided that I would give myself two years to begin earning pin money, and five years to take over paying the mortgage.
So much has changed since 23 July 2010. Yet there is no reason not to follow this plan. 
Today I officially launch my second-hand shop. It was meant to have a concrete presence in the Skudder House on Auckland Street. Instead it has a virtual presence as Dunedin Street  on the Etsy Vintage shopping forum.
Setting up Dunedin Street is one reason that I have been less of a blogger lately, I'm sorry for that, and hope to get back to reading and commenting on all my favourite blogs again soon.
I enjoy photographing my stock, researching and describing the items. 
I like to think that even if people aren't intending to buy they can learn something worthwhile when the read my product descriptions. In that way it is an extension of Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden. Dip in if you like!

Today I also realised that having come this far, I now have to work towards my five year goal. That's only three years away now! 

July 11, 2012

Oh Joy

I liked the old paper in our bedroom.

Such a sweet 1950s pattern.
But after sixty years it wore its stories visibly:
the betrayal of a knife slash right across one wall,
the water stains from travelling by truck in the rain.
worn patches from - well I'm not sure what - holes, and... Earthquakes!

Yesterday the Earthquake Commission finished their share of the work in Bedroom 1.

And the blue trim is still right in my eyes. But should I distress it for a touch of shabby chic?

Or paint it afresh, Hippy bright?
Thank you Bryony, for painting the replacement picture rail.

This room has had quite a few people working on it, apart from the EQC-contracted builders, plasterers and decorators:

Handy Andy attending to details;

Ingrid has cleaned reclaimed skirting boards and painted for me.

And I have had decisions to make.
I would have liked to remove this old fireplace alcove, but it was load-bearing, and would have required a building- consented structural change. So it remains, for the time being, a quirk of character.

There were some anxious moments when the decorator and I realised that the paper had been ordered for an alcove-free wall, and maybe I should chose a paint colour to finish the alcove, but in the end there was paper to spare.

 There are still plenty of finishing details to attend to, but for now I am giddy with the joy of my lovely garden room.

The wallpaper is Porcelain Garden (magenta/leaf green) from Sanderson's Caverley Collection.

The new blue trim is painted with Hippy Blue by Resene.

The border above the picture rail and in the ceiling of the alcove is Ash by Resene.

July 2, 2012

Winter Ball

Tess asked Bryony to come to the Ball with her.

Of course Bryony said 'Yes.'

Getting ready with their friends was half the fun.

Antony got make-up on his shirt before the girls had any on their faces!

But everything came together

with the help of a few hairpins.

Then it was time for a pre-ball gathering,

where lots of proud parents insisted on group photos,

including a frock line-up.

Before the kids headed off in a pink party bus to dance the night away.