My Favourite Window

November 6, 2014

Four Years On

Time to take a break from an unbelievably busy week and remember Elwin.

He's been gone four years today (6th November). I miss him of course for all sorts of reasons, but having moved beyond the regret; the crippling tiredness; the brain fog of bereavement, I can remember him now with a smile, with appreciation for the life he chose to lead with me.

 I can remember his laugh, and his antics


his sense of adventure... 

And what a good family man he was.

If he was still alive, well maybe the roof wouldn't leak, I wouldn't be so tired, and Kitty would have a companion astronomer, but maybe Bryony would never have become the singer she has, and I wouldn't have learned how to use an electric screw driver.

Photos from various family sources.