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July 23, 2012

Street Hawker

I've always liked the hawking side of selling things...

second-hand clothing when I was a student, plants I'd grown as a gardener, fairground chances, or theatre programmes on Front of House duty. 

I thrive on the social interaction, the vibe of fairground or market place, swap meet or garage sale - and yes, the weight of coin in my apron pocket is rewarding, even though it might be destined for another's bank account.

But. I don't enjoy making money for its own sake. I have always had the security of a real job or my husband's income behind me. 

I have always had enough to live comfortably with: 

clean running water, safe sanitation and four walls, enough food to nourish me and enough clothing to warm me. 

My riches are my children and friendships and simple day to day interactions with people around me;

the blush of Dawn and the ravish of Sunset, the promise of spring blossom and the bounty of summer fruit. 

Without becoming a hermit and withdrawing from modern society I need to pay cold hard cash for things - like ratesandpowerandphoneandinsuranceandseptictankinspectionsandyouknowwhatImean. 
I do not want to be anchored by the Widows' Benefit for much longer. I am grateful for it while the children are still at school. It is a present security.
Two years ago today I made a resolution for the future. 
Two years ago today Elwin and I celebrated the purchase of this land, though he didn't relish working to pay off a mortgage for another 20 years. I decided that I would give myself two years to begin earning pin money, and five years to take over paying the mortgage.
So much has changed since 23 July 2010. Yet there is no reason not to follow this plan. 
Today I officially launch my second-hand shop. It was meant to have a concrete presence in the Skudder House on Auckland Street. Instead it has a virtual presence as Dunedin Street  on the Etsy Vintage shopping forum.
Setting up Dunedin Street is one reason that I have been less of a blogger lately, I'm sorry for that, and hope to get back to reading and commenting on all my favourite blogs again soon.
I enjoy photographing my stock, researching and describing the items. 
I like to think that even if people aren't intending to buy they can learn something worthwhile when the read my product descriptions. In that way it is an extension of Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden. Dip in if you like!

Today I also realised that having come this far, I now have to work towards my five year goal. That's only three years away now! 


Cro Magnon said...

I couldn't agree more about money-chasing. But I'm probably more hermit than you.

I'm a reasonably new recruit to your blog, so I don't know your history, I imagine a huge tragedy occurred recently. I wish you luck with your new venture; I've not visited Etsy, so will have a look. Best wishes.

Jeneane said...

You, the hermit with the swimming pool and the dreaming tower ;-). Yes, this blog has turned into a record of tragedy as much as charting a new phase of Life. Thank you for your good wishes. I do enjoy your market finds too!

John Gray said...

the shop front reminds me of those shops in nearby Penmaenmawr... with those little verandahs

libby said...

Sail into this new venture with a smile and I know you will do well....I loved your description of your riches....reminds me to count my blessings...good luck x

Jeneane said...

John Gray: It is a sweet frontage isn't it. One of the refinements of Colonial development was verandahs over ALL the shops, not just seaside ones. Rangiora and most NZ towns still have groups of these ornate frontages.

libby: I knew you'd appreciate my riches. Not so different from your sentiment - Over the ground and under the stars. Thank you for your support too, lovely.

The Sagittarian said...

Oh dear I can see you and I becoming fast friends! I ADORE second hand shops, my dad always had to stop and 'just have a wee look' whenever we were going anywhere and it is a love that I have carried with me!! Part of my enjoyment about having to work away from home means the odd shop or three that I can scoot into and go treasure hunting in (without nervously wiating for one of my family to perhaps break something!!) Good for you, all the very best and if you hear a clatter it's just me tripping over my excitement to get into Dunedin Street!!

Jeneane said...

I keep an eye open for the pink-centred cups you want to replace.
I bet you've been buying stuff that is just waiting for its new home.
We must make a date one day :-)

The Sagittarian said...

Am just back from Mataura and Invercargill where I headed as soon as possible to the antique and second hand stores looking for the pink cups - nothing this time round but the man at Hubbers in Invers recalled the ones he sold me so he is keeping an eye out!

John Gray said...

sweet photos!
and YES to the offer of a card for the flower show xx

Jeneane said...

The Sagittarian: Isn't that neat that he remembered the cups.

John Gray: I love the idea of being able to enter something in your Flower Show far away in Wales. I have the inspiration now to work on the card...