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August 17, 2012

The Return of Handy Andy

Handy Andy came back last week.
After guttering had dislodged following last Christmas' round of earthquakes, and with more rain forecast, this repair was a priority job.

Pruning the wind-blown weeping willow wasn't on my 'to do' list...

but clearing dead wood during a dry spell provided us with much needed firewood.

Luckily, I have a plentiful supply of nuts for a visiting squirrel to snack on.

Andy spent quite a lot of time up ladders. The roof leaks in known places, but new leaks revealed themselves in the heavy rain, partly I suspect from the constant structural shifting that this house has endured over the past two years.  But putting things into perspective, all of these leaks can be dealt with for the time being, with buckets and well-placed patches, unlike many severely quake damaged houses.

The main reason for having Andy back, was to work around the edges of the EQC refurbishments.

After Andy had revealed the under-layers of paint on the big window frame in my bedroom last year, I wanted the distressed effect to follow through in other painted detail. 

I don't have any experience with this kind of decorating and the balancing act between domestic living arrangements and the abrupt timing of EQC work means that some of that detailing is new paint over undercoat. Not much depth of colour there! So Andy experimented with the leftover Ash accent colour, brushing it over sanded-back Hippy Blue, then rubbing it off with a cloth. He also painted the French window's cream surround with Ash first before painting it blue, and then scraping and sanding back. The effect is close to, though brighter than the aged softness of the inspirational window frame.

Andy's final, fabulous touch to the room was to come up with a  treatment for the inner door. The original solid blue was just a bit overwhelming for the newly dainty room. 

So he sanded and scraped and trimmed the door panels with Ash grey, replaced a single coat hook (three were just an invitation to clutter), moved my bed back in, and began preparing the lounge for the next stage of EQC work.

After all that (not to mention cleaning the chimney, repairing roof capping, tending to flat tyres on my garden fleet and any number of menial household jobs),

It was time for some relaxation... 

Before heading back to Wellington.


Cro Magnon said...

I think I need a Handy Andy too. I just haven't the time to do all that my dear wife demands of me.

Did I ever mention that I love Morris dancing (watching).

libby said...

The room looks great...I love the paper....and you are being very stoic about the leaks.......and how lucky you are to be near the sea!

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

*Sigh* I am in desperate need of a Handy Andy and the funds to pay one myself. I do love that Hippie Blue colour so ...

Susan Heather said...

We all need a Handy Andy - just love the timbers in your roof but I am glad I don't have the list of jobs that need doing on your house.

Love the new distressed paintwork as well.

Jeneane said...

Cro Magnon: Ah, but you have given your Lady M grounds for great expectations!
Yes, you have mentioned that you love Morris Dancing, and I hadn't written a word about it, so, well spotted you :-) For the record the dance is Black Joke in the Bledington tradition.

libby: I love the paper too :-D. I didn't feel stoic during the rain, not with my creek rising, and the river too, and the bridge to town closed and my pressed metal ceiling failing for the first time... Aargh. I'm so glad I had Andy here!
The sea is the edge of the Pacific Ocean and it's only 15 minutes away; I suppose I take it too much for granted.

North of Wiarton and South of the Checkerboard: Welcome to the Secret Garden. It's lovely to have new visitors even in the wet with mud everywhere. Hope that Hippy Blue goes some way to lifting your blues.

Susan Heather: Sometimes I think that I have come to this too late in life to do it well and maybe I should just have a wee town-house somewhere vibrant. Then Handy Andy or the EQC get me through a patch of impossibility and I can see clearly again.
Glad you like the paintwork. It is very much a bespoke job!

John Going Gently said...

sorry your card did not get an award,...... but old lady called Gwyneth Jones took a shine to it at the end of the show and I hope you dont mind but I donated it to her, she was so happy about it!

Jeneane said...

I am tickled that you gave it to someone who fancied it - reward in itself :-)

Cuby said...

Every house needs Handy Andy mine is Sweet Pete, hubby, and he is great. The best!

Jeneane said...

There's nothing to beat a real husband. I do miss Elwin's touch around the place. Never take Sweet Pete for granted!

Queen Charlotte's Judy said...

Love the distressed paintwork by Andy - so de-stressing. We'll book him too sometime.

Jeneane said...

Queen Charlotte's Judy: thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Glad you like the paint work. I hope Andy is noticing all this interest in his handiwork!