My Favourite Window

August 24, 2012

Big Brother

I clambered out of bed half an hour ago; rejoiced at the dazzling sunshine over thick white frost; heard the thump of chopper overhead - close enough to be resonating through all the quake stress in this creaky house; thought of icy roads and that the Westpac Rescue Helicopter was out on a mission:

Thankfully not. But what? And why? Hover for long enough over the Skudder House, for me to fetch my camera and shoot half a dozen frames?

Is this Google Earth out mapping? 
Is it the EQC trying to speed up their process?
Or is it something more sinister? 


Cro Magnon said...

It looks like a private helicopter, so maybe he was just looking for petrol.

Did you say FROST?

Jeneane said...

Frost! Yes Cro, too cold for you, but the days that follow a good frost are full of sunshine and heat.
The helicopter was a private hire job - for the local power company surveying the main lines up the East coast of Canterbury.

Susan Heather said...

Looks as though it would have been a wonderful, clear day.

Jeneane said...

Oh it was beautiful, and about time too!

John Gray said...

thank you for your kind message re boris x