My Favourite Window

May 7, 2011

Autumn Colour

Autumn passes with not enough comment from me.
Its vivid hues and mellow days always feel like my favourite time of year when they are here. 

There has been so much fruit and no time available to me to harvest and process it.

So I have enjoyed receiving a couple of jars of jam
or preserves from friends and neighbours,
 who have taken as much fruit as they need
for themselves.

A garden surprise through the rain today,
was the loveliness of a new flush of roses against
the golden hazel foliage, seen from my freshly painted veranda.  The garden borders around the house have been cluttered with painters' trestles and ladders; all the plants so compromised that I had to stop seeing them.
But although the painting is not quite finished, the Garden and I are finding each other again.

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