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May 8, 2011

Mothers' Day

For those of you who observe Mothers' Day today, a bouquet of Bourjois of Paris toiletries.  I found this advertisement aimed at Christmas-gift buyers, in the December 1963 edition of Woman and Home.

Our family prefers to avoid the rampant commercialism associated with Mothers' and Fathers' Days,
but Kitty couldn't resist buying me this mug,
bringing it to me this morning, filled with tea and topped off with an apple from the orchard.

Later in the day I enjoyed sitting with my own mother - pencil in hand - and asking her about old photos.
She was an active photographer in her youth, but not a very good labeller of her prints.  I have always felt daunted by this task, but her memories seem immediate. 
So many sea-side holiday snaps taken on watery expanses of sand, and she can name every beach by some peripheral outcrop of rock or the companion of the moment.
I shall certainly have some stories of hers to share with you!

Joan at Torquay

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