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May 25, 2011

A Chip off the Old Blog

One hundred posts from Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden.
Things have changed, intentions have been re-directed, but the Secret Garden is much the same as it was, when I began recording a new journey in August 2010.  The Skudder House too, has not fallen down nor been demolished 'by order', and is even in a better state than it was when Elwin and I bought it in July last year.

To celebrate this notional milestone I would like to introduce a new Blog...

Little Mondgreen's Theatre House

This blog of Bryony's is a project she has chosen to work on specifically for her Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti 'Hub', time. The school, still based at Halswell Residential School, and settling in for the rest of the year at least, has established a Wednesday satellite class in Rangiora for approximately thirty of its North Canterbury Students.  I'm looking forward to seeing how Bryony develops her blog.

While I'm on the subject of other people's blogs, this seems like a good time to pay tribute to some of the blogs I follow.
There they are in My Blog List in the side-bar:

Vintage Hawke searches out fantastic images from the theatre and fashion worlds of the past - her current Thierry Mugler feature is stunning - and imbues her blog with her love of vintage style and clothing.  She sells too!

Grumpy Old Ken I have to say that if Ken was a dress he would be in the vintage categoryHis alternative news round-ups are sharp commentary on modern humanity, and his story-telling reveals the joy and heartache of simply being human.  He collects old stuff too!

But Hadriana's Treasures beats us all for writing about old things - she's got Hadrian's Wall on her doorstep.  I enjoy her guide-style updates on activities there, her matter-of -fact Latin tutorials and good nature.

The Camel Barn Library is a tantalising and - these days - infrequent blog about life in a Turkish town. The writing and photographs are lovely and all of her followers are waiting with bated breath for another chapter in her historical search for a reader's ancestral home. 

Welly Jewell  If Ken is Vintage, I think Dyk probably qualifies as Retro.  He writes of this and that, family, friends, wildlife, football, and includes extra detail - dates, events in history, (though he's not so hot on botanical names) - where appropriate, which suits me very well.

And a couple of others from young American bloggers that I enjoy dipping into:

Here's To Life from a contemplative young woman, who enjoys exercising her writing skills and finding ways to add physical experience to virtual reality.

Hello Friend is full of gorgeous visual treats, to buy, to make, all gathered together by a bouyant, creative soul.

"Very interesting," says Lady Mondegreen. "But don't forget you have a garden to attend to..."

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Hadriana's Treasures said...

Dear Jeneane,

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog and I am very glad that you enjoy it. I'd like to do so much more with it but I am hemmed in by time/responsibilities. Maybe one day I can expand it as I hope to do.

Thank you too for introducing me/us to some other blogs out there. I'll do my very best to explore them. Love the style and content of your blog as well. Hadriana xx