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October 13, 2010

Growing Up

My infant dresses: "We'll save these for your children," my mother would say, so I rediscovered them a couple of weeks ago, neatly stored in a polypropylene wool sack, my daughters well and truly grown beyond them.

We grow through childhood to a point where we can dream of the future - make plans even. It takes a bit of ageing to realise though, that we can't direct every detail of our dreams, but it takes ageing too, to realise that some of our dreams have come true without even noticing.

As a horticulture student, before I owned a home of my own, I decided that one day I would have an old wooden villa, with a wisteria-draped veranda. Well, I'm onto my second villa and the wisteria I planted here nine years ago has grown up. It's worth reminding ourselve of the small or easy advances we have already made in our lives, when cracks appear in our bigger dreams.

Wisteria sinensis 'Caroline'

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