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October 28, 2010

St Simon and St Jude's Day

A project realised today: to celebrate the laying of the foundation stone for the Church of St Simon and St Jude, on this, its Saints' day, 140 years ago. I am home now satisfied with the Anniversary Thanksgiving service, many months in the planning. The Right Reverend Victoria Matthews, Bishop of Christchurch took the service: She has a magical touch with children  - inviting young Kitty to be her chaplain and carry her crozier - as well as an easy manner, conducting the service with a light hand and a sense of humour but ultimately commanding our attention with an astute and thoughtful reflection on founding institutions in new societies.  

A village woman  prepared the lovely floral arrangement setting it in the sunny window for the light to filter through vivid irises.

The Church of St Simon and St Jude at Ashley. Originally consecrated as an Anglican church , it now operates as an inter-denomonational church and is known as The Ashley Community Church. Catergory II Historic Place.

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