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July 15, 2011

Moving Forward

"You didn't just go to a funeral then?"  Asks Lady Mondegreen, watching me edit my latest crop of photographs.
Over the six day period, I spent time with friends: mourning of course, but also celebrating life.
I walked in favourite places,
like the Wellington Botanic Gardens, where I spotted these teasels glowing in the winter sunshine, high above Tinakori Road.

I explored the campus of Victoria University, on the way to viewing the current exhibition - Behind Closed Doors - at the Adam Art Gallery.

And what is a visit to Wellington without a walk on the wild side?  A group of us, including Peter and Andy, strolled the route along the coastline at Paekakariki stopping to chew the scenery quite often.

Wellyjewell has more detail and photos about our walk, in the post Wet and Wild Paekakariki. The eagle-eyed might even find Lady Mondegreen's Secret Gardener in one of Dyk's photos.

But Death after all was the reason for my visit, and I found that amidst the dancing and the nightly feasting, the fine art and indulgent shopping, Contemplation came unbidden. 
Elwin was toasted along with Debs, and our friends were attentive to my emotions .  Peter, in his new state of bereavement, remarks often that he feels surrounded by a great cushion of love and friendship, and I have shared that feeling too.  For him there is a long road ahead to move beyond the intensity of loss, but I know now that continuity is possible after the death of one's soul mate.

I walked quiet thoughts.
I dreamed healing dreams.
I accepted Life's guiding notes: A cherished single text message from Elwin slipped quietly from my phone's Inbox during  Debs' wake, pushed out by a happy Goodnight from our daughter Bryony. It was time.

And I handed Elwin's hurdy gurdy to a new guardian...

Teasel  Dipsacus fullonum


The Sagittarian said...

What a lovely post, that hurdy gurdy is a bit like my dad's autoharp that he left to me! Strength to you, fellow Cantabrian!

Jeneane said...

Thank you for visiting Sagittarian. I can't help wondering if we know each other in person,especially with the common ground of non-mainstream muscical instruments. Another Folky perhaps?
I've just noticed that you follow Blogotropolis so maybe you found me the long way round!