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July 26, 2011

Snow White

Snow Pancakes
Snow pancakes are made in winter. Use an ordinary pancake batter, and, when just ready to fry, stir in a spoonful of fresh firm snow and fry quickly so that the batter firms, before the snow entirely melts, leaving holes in the pancake.

The Skudder House seen from within the Secret Garden during snow fall, and afterwards from the Sun's point of view.

The Garden's expanse has become a playground for playful villagers of all kinds.

And the Church of St Simon and St Jude is a quiet jewel in the village 140 years after its consecration.

"Did you make the snow pancakes?" asks Lady Mondegreen.
Snow is a rare occurrence in this part of Canterbury.  It frames our view of the Southern Alps; ski fields are an hour and a half's drive away, and those quake stricken Port Hills sport an icing sugar dusting most winters, but snow laying all around here is an occasion for revelry... an occasion to anticipate making snow pancakes.  Such a rare occurrence though, that I forgot to remember about them until after the clean snow had been well and truly ruffled.


smullan said...

Oh the Skudder House! Thank you for sharing it with me. I can imagine an artist in the upstairs room. Children playing among the suggested pathways. Wondering about the untold stories of this house and its occupants. Playing out in my mind, the speed and urgency of the fireman whose blackened handprints are smeared up the stairway in his bid to save the house from the flames. Thinking of the peace and warmth of the tiny rooms with their individual fire places. What a charming place the Skudder house is.

Jeneane said...

Thankyou - your enthusiasm helps refresh mine. And your remarks about the fireman's handprints, dating to the 1996 fire, make me aware that the house's recent history is all part of its story.