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July 3, 2011

A Good Weekend

A fine weekend; a new market in Rangiora:
Sunday morning with frost on the ground and snow on the mountains.

Time to get out and support the new venture;
enjoy the vibe and be tempted by the delicious offerings.

Lady Mondegreen observes that emphasis on an old word has changed: Beestings through lack of understanding of its meaning, has become Bee Sting.
Delicious beestings pastries were traditionally a celebration of the cows' colostrum-rich milk at calving time.  These are a modern variation with a custardy cream filling and were proving very popular this morning.

In the Secret Garden, I found the first sprouting shoots of winter roses, so fragile and dainty at this stage.

And coming in yesterday,
at the end of a satisfying afternoon of mowing,
I found the lowering sun casting rainbows
around my bedroom.

In the process of Grief, I delight this weekend in not only feeling motivated but being able to act on that motivation.
Is it really eight months since I was last able to fill a day with profitable activity without it draining me. 
To make the most of this glorious drying sunshine, I have done the washing and mown more grass
than I believed possible at this time of year. 
I have written a letter to a friend and prepared
for another visit to Wellington.
How ironical, how sad, that I return to Wellington to mourn the death of Deb, the woman who organised
the Winter Solstice weekend.

Christmas rose Helleborus orientalis


the fly in the web said...

My grandmother used to make beestings puddings....and you can imagine how delighted I was when my neighbour gave me beestings from her newly calved cow!
Mine weren't as nice as I remember grandmother's to have been, but at least I can now try again.

Jeneane said...

Hello Fly, lovely to know you've visited and enjoyed the Beestings,
and neat to hear of you making your own.
How do you feel about sharing your grandmother's recipe?

the fly in the web said...

Will do...I'll have to look for the notebook but, with your permission will put it up on your comments later.