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July 30, 2011

Holidays' End

As the school holidays draw to a close there was time for a trip into the City today to buy a winter jacket - for Christmas in England. 

That done, a wander in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens seemed like a nice idea...  There was trim totara topiary and broadleaf hedging to admire...

 And a reminder of winter pruning yet to be done at home in the Secret Garden.

There was a chance to test the new coat in snowy conditions:
surprising to find snow still lying in a great swathe amongst the rose beds...

So close to the tropical hot house...

Closed alas due to the Earthquakes...                          

Which continue to define the City.  The only structure in this photo, which is still sound is the great arch of The Bridge of Rememberance. Through it to the left can be seen the teetering Grand Chancellor hotel; to the right in the distance is the Westpac Bank building, which was visibly damaged in the September earthquake; and the foreground building used to be a multi-storey mirror-glazed office tower: it was being demolished as we watched today, it's foiled lining and furnishings nothing but shredded tatters blowing in the wind. 

Golden totara  Podocarpus totara 'Aurea'
Broadleaf, Kapuka, Papaumu  Griselinia littoralis

Winter Pruning, Hothouse and Snowy Rose Garden: Photos by Bryony Jamison

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