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September 22, 2010

Spring Blues

 Today, for the first time since the Earthquake I ventured into the centre of Christchurch. Although city life seemed normal, the impact of the September 4th earthquake was evident block by block; the damage arbitrary in its intensity.  Yet the day itself was perfect for this equinoctal time of year - the gales abated for a day - fresh snow on the Port Hills, dazzling sunshine, a swathe of daffodils the length of one of the Four Avenues, cherry blossom and voluptuous magnolias presenting a contrite bouquet for Mother Nature's savagery.
But in the Secret Garden the sweet progress of Spring is untempered by any vengeful aspect of the Earth Mother.

Forget-me-nots and grape hyacinths vie for attention in a wild corner, and winter purslane flowers in its eccentric way: the tiny white flowers spraying from the centre of the leaves. Also known as Miner's lettuce it provides welcome dietary greens during the winter months.

Claytonia perfoliata Winter Purslane,   Miner's Lettuce

Myosotis sylvatica Forget-me-not

Muscari botryoides Grape hyacinth

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