My Favourite Window

September 7, 2010


I thought that we got off lightly, and really we have. But after a night of aftershocks, two of which were magnitude 5.4 I have joined the ranks of the anxious. Everyone it seems, whether their initial losses were great or small, came through last night -the third since the big quake - nerves jangling with dread.
In the City, buildings assessed as safe are having to be reassessed. Here I no longer feel so confident that this humble cottage will stay strong. I took this photo on Saturday when the sun shone as brightly on ruination as it did on this tranquility.

The beauty of the Secret Garden has been almost unbearable in the last few days. Plum blossom is everywhere and its scent is heavy on the air, even on cool damp days like today.

Do you remember the daffodils at the opening of Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden?  The buds thrusting towards Spring - well here they are in bloom.

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