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September 3, 2010

The Skudder House at Ashley Bank

The Skudder House at Ashley Bank, circa 1890
Today's inclement weather, cold, wet and windy, was more winter than spring, and no fun to be out in. A spot of delving in my archives rather than the garden was more appealing. Here's a view from the same end of the house as my September 1st post, but taken about 120 years ago, before modern extensions had been added.  Hannah Skudder and her daughter Frances are standing in front of an early extension. Thomas Skudder, a London stone mason, built the original two up and two down cottage from  poured concrete, but within ten years and maybe disillusioned with this method, he added a kitchen in brick. I love the simplicity and balance of these two elements, and wonder what it would be like to restore some of this simpicity.

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