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September 27, 2010

A New-Mown Day

"Look at the pear blossom." Lady Mondegreen reminds me to look up: look up from a weekend spent clearing rubbish from the ground floor of the old house. So much stored by different family members with the idea that something might be useful again one day... One of my favourite finds, washed and hung to dry today, is a sheet sides-to-middled.  The centre seam which was originally the sheet's outer edges is beautifully felled, though how comfortable it is to sleep on I don't know.

This day: a day to dry sheets, to smell the pear blossom carried on the warm air, to note the apple blossom on the cordons, to make time for tending the garden, and to realise that I need to wear my reading glasses for hand-weeding!

Also a day to find that there is a new method of posting photos and to be foiled by it. Sunlit cowslips are what I would show you if I could. They'll keep.

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