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October 3, 2011

Spring Fete

A fine day for a fair was yesterday;

A fair day for the Ashley School Fete.

The good weather brought people from near and far.

Time to offer some of Lady Mondegreen's Comfits for sale.
see what else was happening.

To consider...

...Buying some plants,

Before returning to my own stall.

For me - a productive day; 
for the hard-working PTA and their helpers - a rewarding one;
and I know that Principal Craig had a smashing time!

Finally, a coda to partner this country school's idyll:
My older daughter's inner-city secondary school is offering an international competition for the redesign of its earthquake-shattered campus.  Spread the word.


John Gray said...

I have a sugar dispenser just like yours!
now I would have probably bought MOST off that table!

Jeneane said...

I thought of you John, while I was preparing the duck photo :-) You remember it as a sugar dispenser? Someone remembered it being used for tomato sauce, but I'm sure it's designed to release one spoonful of sugar at a go. Am also trying to remember if these were promotional packaging for marmite or peanut butter?

John Gray said...

ps just read your comment on my hospital "alarm" post

I always tell my relatives to treat me like an air hostess on a plane

when there's turbulence you automatically look at the stewardess.. if she's happy.. youre happy....
when the alarms go off... if the nurse is happy... you are happy x

Jeneane said...

I'll remember that :-)

The Sagittarian said...

Oh it was a lovely day wasn't it? I spent the day carting our wee rabbit Daisy to our new digs, but we did manage a quick trip to Rangiora in the morning. Hope your stall was successful?

Jeneane said...

Where did that lovely weather go?
Must check and see what warming tipple you suggest for this wet Tuesday!
Glad to hear you are getting out and about. Hope Daisy is taking all this in her stride.
Be well :-)

the cuby poet said...

What a cheery blog. The day of the fair was kind and seemingly fruitful for all.
Yoqur blog seems of great interest of all things varied.
I will sign up as a follower.

Jeneane said...

Why thank you the cuby poet. What a lovely compliment. I shall have to check You out!

Jeneane said...

The Cuby Poet, I have been to visit you, walking through golden sand on island shores, but can't leave a Comment. If you feel you would like more feedback, you could change your Comments setting. You might find my 17th August post useful(the one entitled "They've Slain the Earl of Murray") I've laid out instructions for changing the setting.
May your Lewisian summer continue as long as you are there :-)

the cuby poet said...

Thanks for the tip re:comments off to check it out as I would like to see your comments!

the cuby poet said...

I have just followed your instructions as of 17/08 and if I have done everything right you should be able to leave a comment from now on. Thanks for the help.