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October 31, 2011

Lady Mondegreen's Hagiography

(Enter Saint George)
In comes I St George,
A man of courage bold.
With my great sword and spear...
Hold on a mo,' what's this I hear?
A Feast - for me,
And all the others.
I haven't had once since April.
I've had enough of
Slaying dragons,
Saving maidens...
I never get the girl.
Ah here comes one now.

(Enter Saint Frideswide)
In comes I the Doctor,
Saint Frideswide.
Healing the blind
is all very Well,
but a party
Is just what I need.
A chance to dress-up
should do the Trick.

(Saint George)
You look a Treat,
In that little black dress.
But hark, who approaches?
(Enter Saint Simon and Saint Jude)
By George you two,
You had your Feast
Three days ago.
Isn't that a bit greedy?

Joan and David serve tea and cake at the Patronal Jumble Sale,
Church of St Simon and St Jude, Ashley

(Saint Simon and Saint Jude)
In comes I  - and Me too, 
St Simon and St Jude,
(-Thaddeus not Iscariot-
No traitor here you hear).
Don't ask why -
We are a pair.
We come that way,
We are hallowed
Just like you,
So let us in to Feast this day.
(Enter Saint Cecilia)
In comes I the Minstrel,
Cecilia is my name.
Don't be harsh on them
Georgie lad,
All the World wants our blood.
We saints should stick together.

(Enter Saint Rognvald)
Did someone mention blood?
On my hands
In other Lands.
In my land the meek tremble
At my very name. Rognvald!
They thank me for my largesse

(Saint Frideswide)
That sounds like fighting talk
and vanity to me.
You don't hear me
Vaunting my cathedral.

(Saint George)
There's nothing wrong
With a warrior saint,
But Saint Rognvald,
Your credentials lack
Shall we say... credibility.

(Saint Cecilia)
And the way
You remove
Your opposition
Seems extreme.

(Saint Rognvald)
Never mind my method,
Never mind my credibility.
I've come to toast
All Hallows' Eve.
Let's eat.

(Enter Lady Mondegreen's Secret Gardener)
In comes I the Blogger
Subverting Seasons,
And blending customs
Where Halloween
Ushers in the mayflower.
At the leading edge of Time.

The Sun is set,
The Feast begun
The Saints are met,
And now -
My Play is done.

St George's Day  23 April
St Rognvald's Day 20 August
St Frideswide's Day 19 October
St Simon's and St Jude's Day 28 October
All Saints' Day 1 November
St Cecilia's Day 22 November

Icon of St Simon and St Jude, Ashley Church: painted by Julia Witbrock
May Queen's Calavera make-up, by Bryony Jamison


the cuby poet said...

I have never heard of St.Rognvald off to wiki in a min.Our clocks changed out of British Summer time last weekend so now it is dark earlier more time for spooks tonight. Clever blog today. :)

Jeneane said...

I enjoyed composing it. Glad that you appreciated my out-of-season Mummers' play. By now you will have read up on that rogue Rognvald. He sounds like a politician, but his sandstone cathedral at Kirkwall is lovely isn't it. He sneaks into my list of favourite saints because his Feast day is my birthday!

the cuby poet said...

Oh Jeneane I feel such an idiot! I was on Orkney, Kirkwall in fact about 3 years ago. We were in the cathedral and I took more interest in St Olaf and seemed to have forgotten St.Rognvald's role in it. Lets hope it was just a thickie moment!!

Jeneane said...

My turn to go off and google - St Olaf. When you are travelling and fascinated by certain aspects of a place, you can't absorb absolutely everything, especially obscure saints. Elwin's and my special interest were in the pre-history - Maes Howe, the Tomb of the Eagles and the rest, but all of history and its people is fascinating isn't it :-)

the cuby poet said...

We were enchanted by The Stenness stone ring one perfect summer evening as there was a silver full moon and it was impossible not to think of those who had built it thousands of centuries ago.

Jeneane said...

The weather was grey all through our mid-summer visit: no sun nor moon neither! But the moon connects us all doesn't it - across the pace of our Planet (half full for you and for me) and across eons too.