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October 1, 2011

More Show Girls

It doesn't stop you know.

Anyone would think you live in a fairy tale,
smiles Lady Mondegreen, looking up from one of the promotional items for the latest children's drama production printed in the newspaper. 

It doesn't come out of the blue.  Talent of any kind is surely carried in the genes.
Kitty could be seen to be following in big sister's footsteps,
but look at her grandmother...

That's her - stage left -  boldly addressing the gentleman - stage right. 
Today though, it's Costume Call time;

and the co-directors, Madeleine Wesselingh

and Tegan Patrick

organise dozens of children for the wardrobe mistress to outfit.

Then, like her Grandma, Red Riding Hood is dressed for the stage.

Black and white photos of The Country Girl and The Gypsy Baron from the archives of Joan Muston.


Drew said...

Well the genes have it and little red riding hood swiftly turns to move. Nice one L M. And a previous blogg filled with talent too- on all sides of the family. A

Jeneane said...

Thankyou dear Drew - you almost have me blushing - and I smile a little at your own talent aired here and there through this blog of mine.