My Favourite Window

August 17, 2010


New steps for me. This garden, this Blog.

I am so pleased to have found the buds in this photo thrusting their way into Spring. Unlike the other daffodils these have stayed hidden during winter, and as there are so few bulbs, I thought there were finally lost. This cluster is all that remains of a great roadside swathe that always drew admiration from passers-by. The flowers are an old, fully double - what I would term a plena - bloom, rather like scrambled egg to my mind. I really must dig them up this year and re-plant them in the garden.


Geo. said...

I have been referred backward in time, from a link five years in the future --another August 17th-- of this post. Of course electrons one tickles with keys into words, have little to do with time and this post is as fresh as when it first was formed, but I wanted to compliment you on your labors here, as well as your resilience. You are remarkable.

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

Geo: You wonder, you fellow gardener, and wordsmith too. I'm so glad that you enjoy that which is to come but has already been written...