My Favourite Window

August 28, 2010

Just when I thought I'd grasped how to post photos, this tired computer of mine foils me. So the last few days in the garden must remain a visual mystery for now. That's a pity because we have been blessed with fine warm weather, which is breathing life into the early leafing and blossoming trees. Two big weeping willows are veiled in green and already scented with honey, though I can't see any catkins yet, and the early plum blossom is also adding its strong scent to my garden walks.

Today was a brutally productive day in the garden, as Elwin tried out our new chainsaw and felled overgrown coppiced gums for next year's firewood. This is the right time of year to promote new growth after cutting, but it's rather sad that the tips are thick with flower buds, and we have deprived the bellbirds of a rich source of nectar. Still there are more trees untouched for them to feed on.

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