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August 17, 2015

Five Years of Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden

You'd be forgiven for thinking I am flagging: that after five years, original intentions for setting up this blog have fallen by the wayside, and I have lost interest. 

I've experienced major life altering events since 17th August 2010, and the idea of following the development of an old garden into a self sufficient source of income has certainly lost impetus. So has the intention to create a record of the restoration of a dilapidated historic home for eventual use towards a qualification in museum and archiving studies.  

The Skudder House now has a different story to tell though it is more one of bureaucratic bumbling than anything structural.

The budding daffodils that illustrated my very first post though, are a symbol of some kind of forward motion. I did move them, and this year after a couple of years of sulking from earthquake stress, they have bulked up and are a mass of buds by my back door! The increase of bulbs was a distant dream back in 2010.


Cro Magnon said...

Funny to think that you have daffs coming up just as we have pumpkins ripening.

Susan Heather said...

Life is always changing and throwing us curved balls. Congratulations on the five years of blogging.

libby said...

That is a really interesting photo....congratulations on the anniversary.x

Geo. said...

I made an error in posting my comment earlier. Excuse me. I repost:

Anent your first August 17th post --on which I have left a comment-- and this one here in the present, I will simply say I have followed your blog for some time and am truly impressed by your strength and by your keen mind. The electronic forum millions have created here is improved by your posts and I hope to keep learning of your adventure and empowering inquiry into life. My sincere compliments and best wishes.

Steve said...

Five years and still going... that's no small achievement! Congratulations!

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

Cro Magnon: They are both yellow!

Susan Heather: Yes indeed. We really just have to get on and make the most of Life don't we.

libby: I had to get into a very awkward and wet position to take it! Thanks so much for checking in when I have been so absent from yours and everyone else's blogs lately.

Geo: I love the paradox of you of all people leaving a comment on my very first post, it's first comment, but not my blog's first comment. Thank you for your encouraging words, oxo

Steve: Oh boy Steve, how long will it last do you think?