My Favourite Window

June 7, 2012

First Snowfall

It snowed yesterday...

blanketing the Secret Garden

and imbuing it with an aura of mystery.

This morning dawned, bright and clear.

From Auckland Street, 

where the Skudder House basks in the Sunrise

and poses for my camera

(because who can tell whether it will see another winter)

to the iced roses by my front steps;

Snow makes me see things differently.


Cro Magnon said...

I thought you were joking for a moment! Sorry, but I HATE the cold; and snow in particular.

I once saw some photos of 'frozen Rain' on trees in Canada. All the branches were covered in a layer of ice, giving them the most extraordinary look. Keep warm!

Geo. said...

Delightful photos! And quite refreshing to a Californian drowsing into estivation.

Jeneane said...

Cro: The snow is always a novelty here, some years we get it at this elevation and some years we don't. It'll probably be all gone by tomorrow. Kitty slid one of the ice tubes off a rose stem and sucked it!

Geo: Refreshing indeed. Younger daughter squeezed fresh orange juice and added snow to the glass - divine, and older daughter and her friends chilled bourbon alcopops in the snow...

John Gray said...

that second from last photo is a sweetie!
thank you for your comment on my blog.... your experience of the quake is so humbling to read about
it perhaps brings forward just how fragile we all are eh?

Jeneane said...

It looks like a fairytale doesn't it, and if you look closely, there's Kitty - in her nightie - building a snow volcano.
We are all fragile indeed... and we need you to keep on making us laugh over our computer screens !

the cuby poet said...

I had to double take then realised where you were! Your garden looks beautiful and I can enjoy the photos without feeling the cold.

libby said...

Such beautiful photos.....the weather here is just grey wet windy and miserable!

Susan Heather said...

I don't know how I missed this post on Friday. It does look wonderful. It made headlines when a few flakes fell near Whangarei last year.

Keep warm.

Jeneane said...

the cuby poet: Glad you like the photos; it looked very poetic for the first couple of days. Now it's just lying around half-melted.

libby: Thankyou :-) The end of your holiday and miserable weather doesn't sound much fun.

Susan Heather: Yes, I think I remember the Whangarei snow flakes making the news. It's unusual for the snow to lie around here. Either it rains and washes the snow away, or a fiery nor'wester melts it within a day or two. It's just mild now and not warm enough to melt quite broad expanses of snow.

Anonymous said...

I love your posts Mummy. That icicled rose needs to be eaten! One week later and there are still out of place snow people scattered around.

Jeneane said...

You my Darling, may eat the roses in the Secret Garden to your heart's content.