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November 15, 2011

Faster than Fairies,

Faster than witches...

Can you see it?
The steam train?
A shot in the dark. Well no, a shot in the early morning schoolyard.
Early to be out, but a morning to say goodbye to eager campers with my camera to hand.  Capture them gathering in excitement; capture the stowing of bags and provisions; capture the crates of food and the glow of friendship, and hark!  While the teacher briefs her class, the morning train leaves the bridge, gathers the village in its embrace, and whistles for the High St crossing. Whistles?  This is a modern service - the Coastal Pacific, with its brand new, luxury viewing carriages - yet... look hard at the photo, today the train to the Picton Ferry is being hauled by a steam engine and I can find no mention of it on the Trans Scenic website.

So , the train whistles and one parent with her camera around her neck, runs to the single vantage point, can't get close, snaps anyway, no time to compose... and captures (centre stage) the flag pole, a passing police car, and oh joy, the engine itself! And is aware that Elwin would have completed his steam certificate at Te Wai Poutini Polytech by now, fitting him for work in the tourist sector.

I recently made a booking for the Eurostar, between London and Paris. Now I want to travel by steam between Rangiora and Picton!
Travel by steam to the close of this day. It has been lovely - with time to do things for pleasure, just because...  I drank coffee in pretty Victoria Park with my sister and chatted with friendly teenagers, admired the butterflied flower beds and strolled around the Secret Garden with my cats (stray Catkin has joined the fold).

Then it was time to try out The Sagittarian's Tuesday Tipple in honour of Owen's first ever exhibition.

With an extra glass for Saj and Owen's other blog-sister Louciao.


And then, with no-one but myself to cook for, it's time to eat the way I want to eat.


Jenny Woolf said...

There's always something exciting about coming across an unexpected steam train sighting - I mean when you don't expect to see one, on a main line or something.

Wonderful meal. And how nice of you to toast fellow bloggers' triumphs!

Ali Honey said...

I hope you get a window seat on the Eurostar. We did going one way but not coming back. The scenery is amazing.

I'm glad your way of eating includes avocados ( as we grow them ) and eggs - 2 of my very favourite things to eat . I bet it was yummy!

Nathalie said...

What a beautiful salad you made for yourself! You sure know how to look after yourself and that's a gift in life. I'll drink with you to Owen's successes and we can then all kiss him on both cheeks !:-)

Jeneane said...

Jenny Woolf: Lovely to have you visit the Secret Garden. This morning, after overnight rain my lazy al fresco spot has the stream running through it. No steam engine passing through the village though.
I've had a quick look at your blog with that beautiful Traveller's eye-view of the sky, and will make time to visit properly soon :-)

Ali Honey: I remember that you are an avocado grower. Maybe this one was one of yours? At least I can pretend, and then my plate has eggs and silver beet from neighbours, and avocado from a fellow blogger!
Good to hear your Eurostar feedback. I nearly fell for the cheap early morning ride, then remembered that if I wanted to see the scenery (and I do) 5 0'clock on a winter morning wasn't a good idea. I was able to select seats, so hopefully between the children and me we will get a good view.

Nathalie: Or possibly both of us kiss him on all cheeks. No, no that is going a bit far. Isn't it neat, this tiny exhibition exciting global interest.
The green in the salad is silverbeet or Swiss Chard, lightly steamed, and everything drizzled with sesame oil and a grind of black pepper. It was strange that The Sagittarian's Northern Light cocktail worked up a craving for eggs!
Will visit you properly when I have time. I love that photo of you on your sidebar looking up at the camera,

John Gray said...

how delightful!
all very Jenny Agutter!
the food looks wonderful too!!!

Jeneane said...

I will have to google Jenny Agutter. Something at the back of my brain equates that name with an Australian film called Walkabout...
You being a film buff, might remember that one.
If I can persuade you to cross the ditch during your Oz holiday I can make you food like that!

the cuby poet said...

Steam engines are so evocative a time long since gone.I have never been on the Eurostar as we take the ferry to a Brittany when we go to France. Your plate of food salad etc just looks and I'm sure tasted lovely.

John Gray said...

SEE "daddy my daddy" on youtube...not a dry eye in the house

Jeneane said...

The Cuby Poet: I'm of an age to remember the end of the age of steam - just. I must have been about three and it must have been this time of year, because my mother took me and my brother to the big A and P Show by rail. I can remember the smoke... and the excitement of it. And the disappointment at the end of the day when we caught a train in the wrong direction and had to come home by bus instead. The following year the village railway station closed. The platform is still there in a field.

John Gray: You are right. Very moving. I shan't show that to my girls for the time-being.