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August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday

Some of my early birthday cards

Thanks to my mother's hoarding habits, and my father's neat archiving, I have all sorts of insights into every facet of their lives.  I was enchanted to discover letters to my mother from my father's employers (the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition) not only congratulating her on my birth but also arranging for our care in a nursing home, while her husband was stationed at the Australian 
Antarctic base, Davis.

Amongst the mementos that surround my birth, is my father's entry in his desk calendar, showing my expected arrival date and revealing manly insecurity;
I expect to become a dad
 although 33
 now know am a man and have got what it takes.

While for my mother there was cooing sentiment from friends and relatives, like the message in the card above;
Aren't you a lucky girl Joan getting a baby girl.


An intriguing find that relates to my birth is the little pill box dispensed by the Queen Victoria Hospital pharmacy and directing O Hobby (my mother rarely uses her first name Olive but it always appears on documentation) to take one tablet two times a day after meals.  The tablets may have been for pain relief, but it is the little hand made paper box that intrigues me; quite empty and still whole after all these years.

"How many years?" prompts Lady Mondegreen.

And indeed it was a wonderful day: the sun came out at last,
the children plied me with beautifully chosen and wrapped presents, as well as banana and bacon pancakes, we went to see a play with many of Bryony's friends acting, and finished the day with a pot-luck dinner for family and friends.
Very satisfying.


Drew said...

happy birthday wot more to say i'm sure you had one and on your way. a

Drew said...

late as usual

Jeneane said...

Drew, this is a surprise, And a birthday treat, late or not. You braved the Commenting process and won through! Well done You - and thank you :-)

The Sagittarian said...

Belated happy birthday from me too! (You know how the post can be these days around here...ahem!)

I have a few of my old birthday cards, there is one with a young lady with blonde ringletted hair and a brolly, several different colours but the same lady and it folds can even buy the same card these days! Amazing.

Jeneane said...

Thank you Sag, yep the mail service has been a bit shaky lately eh. I know your brolly lady. I have her too, and I have been surprised to see her make a come-back. Nice to see the sun again isn't it... No brolly needed :-)

Anonymous said...

Look at all that wobbly writing! I've never been one to follow lines, have I mum?

Jeneane said...

LittleLadyMondegreen, I just thought you were being Bouncy Darling.

Claire said...

Dearest Lovely Jeneane,
what a magical and beautiful account of your birth day, from far away and close at hand I salute you, and send you loving and celebratory wishes for a year of blessings ahead...xxxx

Jeneane said...

I must say Dear and Lovely Claire,
that our re-connection is one of this year's blessings.

Kelloggsville said...

happy belated birthday x

Jeneane said...

Thank you Kellogsville, not just for the birthday wishes, but for visiting too:-)