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April 16, 2011

Rainy Day Blues

It's been a while, hasn't it, since I have dipped into the Skudder House's treasure chest, yet I know that many of my readers enjoy a glimpse into Lady Mondegreen's pattern book, and since the weather has been wet and dreary, I've chosen some dress fabrics from my mother's collection - mostly blue ones...

Pink sateen: utterly sumptuous and decidedly sensual.  Cotton sateen makes a good lining material for coats
and jackets, but I would love a rich evening dress in this gorgeous stuff.  Failing that, just to be able to pocess and handle this fabric is gratification in itself.

Exuberance of a different kind and another object of desire.
I am surprised to find these abstract graphics amongst my mother's fabrics, because she has always seemed unresponsive - critical even of 'modern art'Maybe the fact that this light cotton is a fabric sample, sold off cheaply from a furnishing department, made it too good to pass up.  I love the depth of colour and the bravura of the design. 

This is a more conventional piece of cotton, not quite a dress length (3 yards) now, but it speaks to me of summer days by sparkling seas and I imagine myself wearing it as capri pants on the deck of a yacht; indolent.

I've noticed this type of floral pattern has come back into fashion recently, and because I remember the look from late 70s conservatism the current fashion feels ageing to me.
Usually I am not drawn to synthetic fabrics,
but there is something about the silky quality of this remnant that gives it an allure.  There is nothing harsh in its softness or drape.

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