My Favourite Window

April 11, 2011


Mmm, figs. 
They are
ripening now
in the Secret
nor truly syrupy, but sweet enough and luscious for the knowing that here, we are at the climatic margin of fruitfulnesss. Most summers are too dry to produce juicy figs and the waxeyes pick them over before we even spot the ripe ones. But we have had regular rainfall this year, and can it be true that the Earthquakes have frightened away the waxeyes?  This variety, Brown Turkey, is recommended for cooler climates and although it does set its second flush of figs, these smaller fruit surrounding the large ripe ones, will not see our frosty winter through.  On my walks back and forth to the Skudder House, I pluck the ripe fruit as they appear and eat them on the hoof: greedily, and sticky with the latex that oozes from the broken stems.

Edible fig  Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey'


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I feel honoured to have a comment from Greece on my figs! Thankyou for looking. I wonder if my smattering of ancient Greek will enable me to read your blog? It looks gorgeous.