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February 3, 2011

Photographic Evidence

Vintage Hawke admired 1940s tailoring in her post, Forties Foray, last Sunday, so following on from my mother's handwork yesterday, I couldn't resist pulling this out of the wardrobe especially for The Hawke.  My mother may not have been a decorative needleworker, but she was a prolific and inspired seamstress, making many of her own clothes and her children's too.  The photo above shows my mother (lower left) in her youth, wearing this sumptuously detailed jacket.  My sister, Ingrid, agreed to model it for me today, creases and all.  I'm afraid to iron it too thoroughly due to its unfamiliar and ageing slipperiness.

Although I don't get a lot of Follower Comments, many people email or tell me in person how much they enjoy aspects of Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden.  Words; memories; but especially the fabrics, and artefacts from the past.  So to close this posting and to complement the youthful exuberance of my mother; the dashing non-comformity of my father from about 1959.  I can remember him wearing his cravats during my early childhood years - and always a beard.

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