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February 16, 2011

Taking Stock

"It's a good thing that this garden can look after itself," says Lady Mondegreen primly, snapping off a spent rose bloom. "I thought you were supposed to be my gardener."
"Life seems to have other ideas," I counter in defence.
For the time being it seems that the less cultivating I do, the less I will have to tend, while I continue to clear and sort through the effects in the Skudder House; supervise the children's return to school; prepare my own house for the Earthquake Commission builders who will come to refurbish soon; and sometimes am simply unable to function when grief and a broken heart make themselves felt.
Remarkably, I have been able to watch some plantings that I made in the Spring, flourish.  These include some of my 50th birthday gifts, though the rosy picture shows well grounded plants including one I mentioned in my last post: Verbascum blattaria.
Here it is in a garden setting
- rather than on shingly reaches - 
making artful arrangements
with side stems that
have appeared after
the first huge spire
flowered in November.

Other plantings that have
grown with little attention
since I planted them, are a
questionably named
Thalictrum, Diascia 'Coral Splash'
and the miniature Gladiolus
'Holland Pearl.'  I had anticipated a deeper red - my taste inclines more to burgundy reds than scarlets - but here it is flaming
luminously under the walnut tree. This 
position receives full afternoon sun all year round.  I planted ten corms in a drift and have watched breathlessly during the high winds as the emerging flower stems weathered this summer's nor' west gales.  


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