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January 10, 2011

Morning Glory

A morning to sit out on the veranda with my breakfast.
A morning to coax our new kitten out into the sun. Aelfwise is a Manx kitten and dispenses with any idea of making the Secret Garden predator-free. He was born in the village on the day of Elwin's funeral, but Lady Mondegreen is not pleased. He is so sweet and full of adamance that I'm sure she will be won over. 

By the front steps, self-seeded Morning Glories are scrambling up anything handy: a delphinium seedhead, the rose bushes, an old potplant stand. . .  I am pleased that the camera has captured the purple well, and suggests the red throat.  The photo doesn't quite provoke an intake of breath, as real contact does, at the deep receding glory of this variety - Grandpa Ott - but it does convey the rich colouring. The flowers are so fleeting. This evening when I checked these particular blooms they were withering away with day's end. But new ones will open tomorrow.

Morning Glory  Ipomea purpurea 'Grandpa Ott'

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