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January 29, 2011

Garage Sale

A step forward: moving beyond the dirt and clutter, releasing 
some of my mother's household effects back into the big wide world to be enjoyed by others. Today we held a Garage Sale, but looking to future possiblities I set up shop in the front room of the Skudder house. As well as show-casing some of the special items this was also a way of opening up the house to the public after so many years of seclusion. 
The day turned into a village event with other families setting up jumble tables or coming out for a stroll, and a cup of tea at the Ashley Church refreshments table. Children bought Bryony's homemade lemonade and ran off to play with Kitty in the Secret Garden.
Garage Sale we called it and here was what was in the garage. Lemonade at $1 a cup and a 1934 Morris Minor at ... well, that would be telling. *

* Postscript 13/2/12. The car is now sold.

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