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August 17, 2017

Seven Years On

I imagined writing all sorts of interesting essays for this 7th anniversary post. But for the same reason that I don't post often that wasn't going to happen. I am posting almost daily on Instagram however. Surely I can do something similar for my blog?  All these photos taken on my phone have appeared @hobbyography over the past fortnight. The silver ball didn't quite float away this time though the water did come up around it. I like it being a dynamic part of the garden - floating, or blustering around in strong winds. 

This little patch of woodland garden, is where the ephemeral stream originally found its way down to the river (before human intervention channelled it into a different course), and when the water is very high, as it was in the previous photo, it still comes close to running through here. I get quite a thrill when I dig down and find river sand because the rise we live on is deep silty loess dropping down to the river flats. We literally live at the edge of the old river bank!

Using a phone camera makes it easy to photograph the down-turned flowers of winter hellebores. There are so many varieties bred now to show their centres but I like the mystique; the sense of beauty hidden from casual view of the old varieties. These and some deep burgundy-flowered plants are naturalising in this woodland patch, which was once my father's vegetable garden. I'm looking forward to extending their sweep down towards the stream bed - and closer to my house.

Between flood conditions I've managed - with help - to clear some space under the willow closest to the house. Its veil looked very beautiful but had completely overwhelmed our al fresco dining area. The longer the branches become the more likely they are to collapse as well: not a risk worth bearing where people spend time.  As well as providing firewood for next year, this pruning also opens up the area where I want to extend the hellebore planting. Progress in the garden!

Variegated Iris Iris 'Variegata'. Species uncertain
Primula sp
Winter Roses, winter hellebores Helleborus niger
Weeping willow Salix babylonica

Camera used - Samsung Galaxy 5 


Judy said...

Hi !! I have been following you for a while now and I wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your posts. I don't do instagram although all of my favourite bloggers seem to be heading that way! Just a sentence or two with a few photos is enough to set me on my way for the day. Cheers

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

Judy: Thanks so much. It's great to know you enjoy my blog - a good reason for me to keep it going. I like being able to polish a little jewel for Instagram, but I also like being able to go into more depth here (-:

Gill said...

Jeneane it is so nice to see you continue to blog.
I do look forward to the Instagram posts. Thanks.

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

Thanks Gill: It's pretty amazing to still be at it. Always pleased to know you are here and on Instagram (-: