My Favourite Window

November 6, 2016

Silver Lining

Late spring into early summer. How lush and vivid and beautiful the season is this year, with frequent rain and not too many nor'west gales... yet.

The flowering cherries and orchard fruit blossom is fading a little now, making way for weedy may and broom with the promise of roses in full bloom in a week or two.

This rather wild garden of mine stills needs heavy physical work to keep some equilibrium. Faced with tasks like clearing the shelter belt trimmings, makes me especially grateful for Elwin's company in our years together. This season, this memorial day, are especially poignant with the promise of growth and new life all around me.

Apple Malus domestica 'Egremont Russet'
Wisteria Wisteria 'Caroline'
Quince Cydonia oblonga 'Giant of Gascony'
May, hawthorn Crataegus monogyna
Broom, Scotch broom Cytisus scoparius
Macrocarpa, Monterey cypress Cupressus macrocarpa


Gill said...

A lovely post.
Everything is green as you say ... wait for the first Nor Wester!

Judy said...

I hope you and your garden were unscathed after last nights quake. I do enjoy your blog. Take care, Judy

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

Gill: Greener than ever since my reply was blocked earlier.

Judy: Thanks and you too at the top of the South. Picton looked a mess. Thanks and best wishes.