My Favourite Window

March 5, 2016

Autumn Tints

I haven't forgotten the garden, especially as Autumn brings cooler nights, mellow days... and another flush of roses. This one is 'Compassion.'


rusty duck said...

Ahhh, just what I need to remind me of summer!

Susan Heather said...

Summer seems to go faster each year. Everything would be a lot more autumnal down there. The majority of trees here are evergreens and the autumn colours are never as vibrant.

Lovely Rose.

Geo. said...

That is beautiful rose --such a warm and kindly color-- appropriately named.

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

rusty duck: It's heading your way via all your little spring treats (-:

Susan Heather: Yes, when I am tempted by the thought of living in less frosty climes I remember how beautiful autumn is here. When it is autumn it feels like my favourite time of year.

Geo: And it smells divine too - scenting the rooms that open off the veranda till late in the day, and in the cold.

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful rose! I love the color!