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October 18, 2015

Spring - Better Late Than Never

Of course there has been early spring, but although I take photos around my garden, I do not find the time to make a blog post very often; especially when Life in the real World is so... engaging!

This photo of the band rotunda in Victoria Park, Rangiora, was taken during the after-party for The Wizard of Oz, when new leaves were just freshening on the trees.

Plum blossom is one of the defining features of this old country garden. Crimson King, Greengages and Coe's Golden Drop mark progressive orchard plantings, but their seedlings make themselves at home everywhere!

Another feature of the garden is the daffodils, which have flowered along the front of the Skudder House for as long as I can remember. 

My mother developed these plantings from seed - mostly jonquil varieties - that she collected every year from existing bulbs. This year most of the display seems to have recovered from earthquake shock. After five years the flowering bulbs could now be from post-earthquake seed, which might explain the prolific display. 

It has been a strange year for timing though with the daffodils blooming up to five weeks later than usual, the plum blossom around three weeks later than recent years and the ancient Kowhai by the river not flowering at all this year. On the other hand roses are showing fully formed buds and even opening before the may has even flowered - a full month before most garden varieties bloom here.

But birthday dates don't change... only the family dynamics around them! Ten minutes for three busy people to come together over a 16th birthday cake before my littlest princess left for her school ball.

Kowhai  Sophora microphylla


Susan Heather said...

Love that blossom round the cake. Kowhai did really well up here in Whangarei this year.

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

I bet it was lovely to see. This particular tree is pre-European and has survived the construction of the stop bank, cattle bruising and the lemon tree borer. Its foliage managed to look lush in early September though. I notice that North Island variety of kowhai (S. tetraptera) is in full flower as street trees here this week.

Gill said...

A very very happy birthday Kitty. I can't believe that you are sixteen! Janene where do the years go? My best wishes to you all.

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

It's hard to believe isn't it Gill. Her years at Ashley School still seem like yesterday. I'll pass on your wishes (-: