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November 6, 2012

Remembering Elwin

Remember, Remember
the Fifth of NovemberThe Gunpowder Treason 
and Plot,

But that was yesterday, 
and today 
- 6 November - 
I remember that Elwin has been gone two years now.


How we danced together;


Working-late for Carters Steam Fair;


Life on Narrowboat 'Ben'
And those Towpath parties;

Remember how you sewed lace on our wedding morning ...

Remember our weddings;

And our anniversaries

Remember how you would make music anywhere

... and on anything, even dandelion stems!

Remember birthdays in exotic places;

Remember patient Mary and our Irish caravan holiday.

Remember making babies

and watching over them through their growing years.

Remember those last precious weeks with you ...


rusty duck said...

That was a lovely post, Jeneane. Jx

Jeneane said...

Oh thank you Rusty - searching through our old photos today brought back lots of fond memories, but I also find it hard to believe that we were so adventurous! You have that streak too; I can tell:-)

Susan Heather said...

What great photos and memories - thanks for sharing.

The Narrowboat 'Ben' looks wonderful - we had four narrowboat holidays (our favourite) but only on commercial hire boats - mainly on or near the Llangollen canal.

Jeneane said...

Susan Heather: You've been over the Llangollen aqueduct then, which is more than I have. Would still love to see it up close. Actually living on a narrowboat, with work in Oxford, meant we didn't travel the canal system as much as we thought we would when we first bought the boat. So doing the hire tripping is a good way to get around the canals of Britain.

John Gray said...

nice memories nicely told

Jeneane said...

Glad you appreciated it John - thank you. xx

The Sagittarian said...

How beautiful, am sure this post would make him very proud. xx

Jeneane said...

Yes Saj, lots of good memories, and he would certainly be proud of how our daughters are growing up.

libby said...

That was such a beautiful heartfelt post, with such lovely photographs....Love is there in words and images and how beautiful you look as a bride/partner/mother/friend.
What adventures you have had and what memories you must have.

Jeneane said...

Oh golly Libby, what a lovely thing to say. I feel a bit weepy reading your comment. Thank you so much :-)

the cuby poet said...

I remember the post when he died, life before that and now this post which says so much about the man who you loved then lost, who is still forever in your head and heart. These are special memories.

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

Yes Claire, this blog and Elwin's death are all bound up in each other in my mind, along with all those memories...