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October 14, 2012

Holiday Round Up

What with getting my Drama Queens 

to the stage door on time  

Kitty as Cinderella's Stepmother

and cleaning up after the mice:

stepping warily through a zombie movie

in the making ...

 oh, and fitting in a holiday outing to Gore Bay,

 Banded Dotterel nesting, Gore Bay, NZ

Seaside planting, Gore Bay

it's a surprise to realise that my garden has been getting on quite well without me.

Grand designs may be a thing of the past but little efforts I had forgotten I'd made, 
flourish in delightful ways, and greet me on waking.


Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

You have been extremely busy. Yech on that Zombie makeup, but good job just the same. We too have a Gore Bay, here on Manitoulin Island. Your gardens are coming alive, with ours almost done...I must go check to see if my Monkshood is in bloom yet, one of the last.

rusty duck said...

I sympathise on the mice, and love the look of Gore Bay.

You and Kitty have been having some fun!

It's been quite miserable here, loads of rain and winter just around the corner. But my acers are just starting to turn. And thanks for the reminder of the bearded irises - spring will return, it will just take a little longer for us!

John Gray said...

did someone mention zombies?

Jeneane said...

Cindy@Nw: Yes that zombie makeup is yech. It helps to keep in mind that it's mostly toilet paper (please replace the toilet roll kids!!!)
I wonder if both of our Gore Bays go back to Whaling times when the whales were cut up on particular beaches. Then again it could be a person's name...

rusty duck: If only you could hang your mice out to dry eh. Kitty's big sister, Bryony is the makeup artist, both in the dressing room and on location.

John Gray: Thought you would appreciate the zombies, Did I mention that I had a bit part in the movie?

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Jeneane, no whales in fresh water lakes I think ... or I would never go near Lake Huron again I am afraid ..hahaha. Relieved to hear it is toilet paper based !

Jeneane said...

Cindy@NW: Oh dear I need to brush up my Canadian geography.