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January 18, 2012

Holiday Hats

An opportunity to play around with fabric, flowers and feathers!
The North Canterbury Musical Society, wanting a new collection of Edwardian hats for its Costume Hire service, invited members along to a hat-decorating session. 

Where to begin, when faced with a room full of trimming, swatches of fabric, old hats and ex stage props?

 At the beginning of course.

Re-working the Edwardian aesthetic allows great scope for creative excess. Watching some of the young milliners at work today I was full of admiration at their artful gay abandon,  

as well as dainty application.

As these are costume hats, achieving effect overides authentic construction, so hot-glue guns got things done quickly.

Bryony chanelled her inner Pirate in two hours, 

And Pam models one of her own that she prepared earlier.

 And here's one fit for Lady Mondegreen to wear, or as the Wardrobe Mistress said, ' I could see Maggie Smith in that.'

This is a good time for a little shameless promotion of the North Canterbury Musical Society's forthcoming production of
Blood Brothers - in which Bryony plays Linda.
Since the indefinite closure of the Rangiora Town Hall in December, the show has hung in the balance. However, a new venue has been found and Blood Brothers opens for a two week season on 15 March at the Chervier Centre, Rangiora.


the cuby poet said...

I do like your new header photo.The hats are fabulous, Bryony looks superb is hers. Enjoy the build up to the show.

Jeneane said...

I'm glad you like that photo. Summer Lace is a reference to the lacebark and its flowers. This species is the narrow-leaved lacebark - Hoheria angustifolia. Coincidentally, the fibrous inner layer of bark was reputedly used by pioneering women to decorate their hats!