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December 15, 2011

The Journey So Far

Usually it takes me thirty minutes to drive to Oxford,
but on the wing it took thirty hours.  
A grounding place this English town for me,
and a stepping stone to others.

St Giles Christmas Fair, Oxford

Within the spire of St Mary's of All Angels, Oxford

Boarding the Eurostar, St Pancras Station, London

The Eiffel Tower from the Tuileries Gardens, Paris

Florist, Rue St Roch, Paris

Parc de Monceau, Paris

Everywhere, from the Place de la Madeleine...

to the Champs Elysees, there is a sense of Christmas spirit.

View from the Jardins des Tuileries
along the Champs Elysees

Strolling beside...

And above the Seine

Deciding not to join the queue for the Louvre,
because Northern Ireland beckoned.

The river Dun at Cushendun, County Antrim

The Wishing Chair at...

The Giant's Causeway, County Antrim

And now I have wicked bronchitis and am done with sight-seeing in cold and dramatic places while I try to recover.


The Sagittarian said...

How gorgeous! That photo of you in the stairwell made me think of our poor about to be departed cathedral in the city (where my dad used to be a bell ringer many tolls ago; I do hope your health takes a turn for the better. No fun having illness on a trip of this sort!
I knew I should have snuck into your suitcase....

Dyk Jewell said...

You've done a lot already I see. Hope the health improves and doesn't spoil your Christmas.
Love to you and the girls.
Dyk & Noreen

Jeneane said...

Saj: This is an awful confession to make, but I can't remember ever having gone up the spire of Christchurch Cathedral and now it's too late:-(
We passed through the chamber with the bell ropes on the way up St Mary's Spire. I just loved my footsore taste of Paris including meeting Owen!

Dyk: Thanks for your good wishes Dyk. Yes we've certainly seen a lot - and discovered that landing at Birmingham airport can match a wild Wellington landing!

Drew said...

Wellington shares your weather, and a little of the Christmas fare. No high towers and glassed pyramids no wishing chairs but we are celebrations bound. As for wellness- take heed you rest up and find peace there. To all 3 of you excitement and wellbeing.

the cuby poet said...

Wow you certainly don't hang about! Your photos of Paris take me back to when I was there quite some time ago loved it. As for Northern Ireland never been there even though it is only a hop away so glad you are enjoying you trip to the UK. Keep having fun when you have kicked the bronchitis into touch. X

Jeneane said...

Drew dear, I've missed your lyricism, not to mention Goodbye! Glad to find you here and thankyou for your wishes to us all. Have read of your bad weather but also know that you are surrounded by Christmas baking et al. Have been walking around Wayland's Smithy and The Uffington White Horse where snow scatters and Bryony berries string the Ridgeway. Be well :-)

Jeneane said...

The Cuby Poet: Paris hangs like a jewel in this holiday of mine. Like you, I loved it :-) I didn't take so many photos in Northern Ireland, but I have stored in my mind's eye a tiny fishing cove, with a chapel no bigger than my woodshed, but with a full-sized bell hanging outside. i am feeling much better now ensconced in a picture-book thatched cottage with that White Horse loping across the hill above this vale.

Steve said...

Let me know when you're live 'n' local and we shall do the coffee thang!

Owen said...

Wow, I'm literally breathless trying to follow in your footsteps, you sure have been getting around !!!

I hope your feet are holding up, I know how hard the Paris sidewalks can be on them...

Happy travelling and wonderful holidays, and "hi" to the girls !