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September 2, 2011

Excuse Me While I Kiss This Guy

" It's time to announce the winner of your eponymous competition," Lady Mondegreen reminds me.

Ah, yes.  And the title mondegreen would be the winner - if anyone had sent it in. I think I'm beginning to notice a lack of kissing, which might be why it appeals. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, the real line from Jimi Hendrix' Purple Haze is: Excuse me while I kiss the sky.

Fellow blogger, Kellogsville, was first in, with two mishearings of lines from prayers.  One of them  A Monk Swimming, is also the title of Malachy McCourt's autobiography, and comes from Hail Mary, Blessed Art Thou Amongst Women. The other, Harold be thy name, tickles a faint memory of my own from the opening line of the Lord's Prayer: Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Earlier this year Kellogsville wrote her own post about mishearings, which you can find at:

Molly-Kate enchanted me with her entryPoor Rudolph. If it wasn't  All of the other reindeer, it was Olive, the other reindeer calling him names. Molly-Kate has a blog too, all about her pony.

Ian, one of my Gentlemen friends from Wellington, supplied me with his schoolboy confusion, believing that Williamandmary were one person.  I'm not sure whether this constitutes a mondegreen, but Ian wasn't the only one confused by that equal opportunities reign.

Keith, another Brittanic Bedlam Morris Gentleman, used to be puzzled by the lyricism of Oh, a tree in motion, until he realised that the refrain was Poetry in motion: a more fitting line to accompany dancing close to me.

Nikki, lured to my blog by my occasional airing of vintage fabrics, has aired her childhood innocence surrounding  public hair and why wasn't it called private hair?

And although young Tom from Leamington Spa, didn't officially enter the competition, I have to mention his understanding that Daleks are garlic, as described by his pithy father, Steve, in a recent post:

However, there can be only one winner, and even though Ian may have brought me chocolates, Nikki given flowers and Keith sent a video of me as Poetry in Motion, Lady Mondegreen reminds me that I am above bribery...

So, it is fellow blogger, The Sagittarian, with her mis-hearing of the Cold Chisel line, Cheap wine and a three-day growth,
who wins the Trelise Cooper Ecobag!  The Sagittarian blogs on More Canterbury Tales from the stricken reaches of Christchurch, with humour, humanity and hauntingly beautiful photography.  And her winning mondegreen?  Cheap wine and a three-legged goat.  It feels like an allegory for my romantic state right now.

Congratulations Sag.


Steve said...

A worthy winner (I won't tell Tom).

Jeneane said...

I'm weak really. Tom might just get a kiwi-shaped cookie cutter, when I'm passing in December.

Owen said...

The Saj is a most worthy hard of hearing blog star, and I can only speak well of her, as she is my adopted blog sister as well... or did she adopt me ??? Whatever...

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for following, and thanks for your visits of late. I've been convinced from early on that the best of blogging happens in the comment box... the potential is infinite for happy exchanges there.

Finally, all of your discussion about mis-heard sayings reminds of that old joke about the group of bible study folks from a church who were visiting a meat packing plant and accidentally got locked inside a big walk in freezer. The headline on the local newspaper the next day said : Many are cold but few are frozen.

Jeneane said...

Tee Hee. Thankyou for dropping in. Does that make us Blog brother and sister then? Sag and I found each other the long way round via Bloggertropolis though we only live half an hour apart. I found you on her blog, though I've realised that I've been reading your comments over at Bloggertropolis. Yes the real human interaction comes through in the comment forum doesn't it. Sweet, witty, flirty, cocky: not my pre-conceived idea of bloggers at all. Glad you've decided to keep going :-)

Owen said...

Hey, that's cool that you found the Purple Haze lyrics way back there in the archives, how on earth did you come across that ??? Don't tell me you started looking through all one thousand or so back posts ???

Jeneane said...

I have this idea that I would like to see where my blogging friends have come from, so I try and spend a bit of time - starting at the beginning, and not all at once - following through. And once I realised that any Comment on any post shows up on our latest Comments feed, and is therefore currently readable, I'll comment across time with gay abandon.
So no I haven't read all your back posts... yet :-)

The Sagittarian said...

Oh I see the party has started here without me...sorry I'm late, it's hard to find your way around this city of late. Anyway, am stoked to have won, really made my day!

Jeneane said...

As the guest of honour I think you are allowed to be fashionably late. And besides you've provide champagne julep to go with the Purple Haze and good company.

Ali Honey said...

I spotted the name of your Blog on someone else's list. Ever since I heard Kim Hill talking about Mondegreens on the radio one morning( several years ago ) I have been fascinated by how many there are( or Might be. )

Years ago when my kids were little there was a drawing published in a magazine by a small child of the nativity scene. His Mother said, " well I can see that is Mary and that is Joseph and the 3 wise men and baby Jesus but who is that fat man there?"
The child's reply was, " That's Round John Virgin, of course."

Jeneane said...

Welcome to my Secret Garden Ali Honey. This mondegreen businesss has gathered wings. They keep on pouring in - how many indeed? They are really everywhere, not just in song lyrics, but especially where children play, or cultures clash.
Thanks for your offering - I think Kellogsville also mentions Round John Virgin in her mis-hearing post. Looking forward to reading about your garden; thanks for dropping in.

A couple more mondegreens that have come in...

From Sylvia in England comes the oft-quoted 'Gladly the Cross-eyed Bear,' from Gladly, this Cross I'd bear, and she tells me that husband Geoff really has his own Gladly, a real (well teddy) cross-eyed bear!

Dave, another of my bevy of Morris gentlemen, mistook goodness and mercy in the 23rd Psalm for 'The good Mrs Murphy shall follow me all the days of my life.'

I remember that The Sagittarian told me another last night when I delivered her prize after navigating a city in ruins, but whether it was her champagne julep or the cup of tea, I can't remember it. Never mind, there's bound to be another along soon.