My Favourite Window

June 14, 2011


The Lyttelton Timeball Station was destroyed yesterday.  Part of the tower, and the ball had withstood the February Earthquake but the second of the two strong shocks yesterday reduced this remarkable timekeeper to rubble.  I painted it onto an English Canalware dipper, as a reminder of home, about twenty years ago.  Now the romanticised scene - with a Southerly front topping the hills - is a reminder of the past in more ways than one.  There's not much Past left around Christchurch after yesterday...

Even before the 6.3 Earthquake struck yesterday, the earlier 5.7 had unnerved us all, and seeing emergency demolition work in progress in Rangiora added to the feeling of vulnerability and helplessness.  Christchurch people are feeling completely worn down, and the winter temperatures make power cuts unbearable. 

Ashley still provides a tranquil haven, with full services, even though timber-built Mowbray rattles and staggers on its piles.  I have been meaning to capture the softness of unopened wattle buds in the village, but seeking distraction yesterday evening, I noticed that there are already fluffy pompoms on show. 

Wattle, Cootamundra wattle, Mimosa  Acacia baileyana

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